The cha-ching app, pay, send & receive money both local and international.

Imagine A Place...

...Where you can belong to a school club, a church group, or a worldwide community. We built FlexApp to connect African and African diasporas, where they can chat, send money home, spend, pay business, open a global bank account and do cross border payments. A place that makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often.

Pay friends

With Flexapp, paying friends feels like catching up. Send and receive money with your friends and express yourself in each payment note.

FlexApp Social Payment Feeds

Pay, Chat, and Explore what your friends are doing daily. Every payment you make appears in the Flexapp social feeds of your friends and you can comment and like on it.
If you want to feel like a private eye, scroll through the feed on your Flexapp app, you can see that Chika and Oge split an order of shawarma last week. You can assume who your exes are dating based on a series of heart emojis and frequent transactions; and now you know who Ada’s roommates are—they split the internet bill every month.

Cheap, fast and secured way to send money to Africa.

Send funds to family/friends back home just the way you use Venmo. With Flexapp you can directly send funds instantly to any family/friends while chatting with them on our platform to any country we are connected in with a click of a button without having to add their bank account, information or any other unnecessary information. They can instantly transfer or withdraw it from any of our local agents. The best exchange rate.

Get started with Global Accounts

FlexApp Global Accounts function as local currency accounts in your name that come with local bank and branch codes and dedicated account numbers. They make it easy for you to receive funds domestically and internationally into your Flexapp account from multiple countries with a visa debit card link to it.
Traveling to your home country, simply use your Flexapp account to swap your foreign currency to your local currency and use it at any ATM machine, online or in store. No more having to carry foreign currency with you for expenses.information. They can instantly transfer or withdraw it from any of our local agents. The best exchange rate.

There are no account opening fees, monthly maintenance charges, or minimum transaction requirements.

Local Remittance: Send money to remote area with no bank access

● Fund your Flexapp wallet
● A one-time use code is then generated,
● Text the recipient the code and they can cash withdraw at any nearby stores or network

Tap Pay/offline payment
Reach customers with a business profile. Accept payments virtually through the app or in person with a new feature that turns your smartphones into a PoS machine. The feature allows businesses to accept contactless cards and use their phones and tablets as terminals by tapping the debit card on your smartphone.

Instantly Pay Utilities Bills

With Flexapp, it's easy to make your family and friends happy! It only takes seconds to recharge a mobile, pay electricity and cable bills in Nigeria. Pay zero service fee on all your utility bills.